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Hoh River Fishing Adventure

Bill RoneyThe Hoh River is born at the feet of ancient glaciers high on the peak of Mount Olympus in today’s Olympic National Park.  This volcanic peak and its brothers of the Olympic Range shed the wet storms blown across the Pacific dropping snow and rain that shroud the Rain Forest below for days on end.  Plunging from these glacial heights down nearly vertical valleys of Rain Forest greenery bound the slate gray to turquoise green waters of this famed River.  Your fishing adventure on the fly can trace these banks in the footsteps of the likes of Zane Gray and other icons of the sporting world that have come to this place in search of the mighty salmon and steelhead trout that run up this brawling glacial fed river every year.

Woman Fishing Bill Roney

From river’s mouth on the Pacific, flanked by Washington’s wild coastal beaches, miles of river accesses, some located in the Olympic National Park, some found in the National Forest or WA Department of Natural Resources land, beckon to those in search of adventure.  These public accesses to the river range from the Highway 101 Bridge over the Hoh River at Oxbow Campground to the south where there is some access along Highway 101 for about 6 miles to the Hoh Indian Reservation road.  To the west and headed for river’s mouth there is the “Oil City road” with access to river at Cottonwood Campground and off Olympic National Park trail to river’s mouth.  Other accesses may be found by walking trails when river is spotted nearby along this road. To the east, and upstream access is found in many spots along the “Upper Hoh Road” to the Olympic National Park boundary and upstream to road’s end at the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center.  Starting at the Visitor Center a trail follows river into the vastness of the Park.  Access and camping abounds in this area, Willoughby Creek, Minnie Peterson, and Hoh Rain Forest Campgrounds all sport easy auto access to miles of river.  Read more about the lodgings, B&Bs, and campsites in this region here.

This year it’s time for you to write your own chapter in the fast running waters of the Hoh River.  For more information or fishing regulations visit these links:

Current Hoh River conditions and fish run timing can be checked at Forks Outfitters, 360-374-6161 or Olympic Sporting Goods, 360-374-6330 in the nearby town of Forks.

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