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Brass Screw Confederacy- Steampunk in Port Townsend

brassscrewlogoThe Brass Screw Confederacy, a steampunk event, will transform Port Townsend back to its Victorian roots with more than a few fantastical twists. The Brass Screw Confederacy’s High Command describes steampunk as “drawing from a Victorian foundation, it mingles history and elements of science fiction.” June 7-9. 2013 is the Brass Screw Confederacy‘s “Maiden Voyage.” The weekend will be filled with creative costumes, cabaret, artistic inventions, magic lantern shows, sorcery, games, and live entertainment spanning from local bands to a real flea circus.

Brass Screw ConfederacySome events are open for all ages including the steampunk fashion show, Brass Screw Chautauqua with late night movies and live entertainers, Bazaar of the Bizarre, and Zombie Hunt.  Whistle Stop Toy Shop will be the headquarters for the event’s signature game Airship Apprentice.

The Pope Marine Building will be home for Brass Screw Confederacy’s live entertainment such as independent films, lectures on historical airships and submarines, a flea circus, and a show of steampunk sorcery.  Continue reading

Savoring the Flavors of Summer on a Culinary Adventure


Blackberries are the star at Joyce Daze Wild Blackberry Festival

Summer is a fun time for a culinary adventure. With numerous festivals and the peninsula’s culinary bounty in full bloom, there’s lots to see and taste. Here are a few suggestions for savoring the flavors of summer on the Olympic Peninsula.

JUNE- Ice cream is a summertime favorite. The Olympic Peninsula has a handful of local ice creameries that create delicious and unique flavors. A few local favorites include Elevated Ice Cream‘s Marionberry Italian Ice and Swiss Orange Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Olympic Mountain Ice Cream‘s Crab and Bacon Maple Swirl Ice Cream and Pina Colada Sorbet. To find where  ice cream is sold and current flavors visit their websites. Continue reading