Olympic Culinary Loop

Culinary Loop

Fresh produce from the Olympic Peninsula

The Olympic Culinary Loop is a group of people who grow, harvest, catch, cook, and serve the Olympic Peninsula's bounty that we call Olympic Coast Cuisine. Olympic Coast Cuisine brings together locally produced ingredients to create delicious food with an authentic sense of place. The peninsula's diverse microclimates and rich soils contribute to a growing winemaking region, organic farms, dairies and creameries, artisan bakeries, and more. Our rich coastal waters are fished using sustainable fishing and shell fishing techniques. This leads to the availability of amazing local seafood. Olympic Coast Cuisine is influenced by our past and present: a rich Native American heritage, pioneer farm families and a new community of young farmers. The history and traditions of the Olympic Peninsula shape the preparation of our foods. From hand-crafted ciders to wood-fired salmon, Olympic Coast Cuisine encompasses a wide spectrum of foods and beverages.
culinary adventure map

Olympic Culinary Adventure Map

The newest addition to the Olympic Culinary Loop is the Olympic Culinary Adventure Route. This is a self-guided farm-to-table experience with stops at 30 destinations, all highlighting aspects of Olympic Coastal Cuisine. Year round the Olympic Culinary Loop’s website offers suggested itineraries, seasonal information, accommodation, and dining ideas to experience the rich offerings found here.

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