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12 things to do before you’re 12 on Olympic Peninsula – Part 5

Explore Tide Pools and Examine Cool Critters on the Olympic Peninsula!

Olympic Peninsula tidepool

Sea Stars at low tide

Take time to discover and explore the miniature world of tide pools on the Olympic Peninsula’s Pacific coastal and Strait of Juan de Fuca beaches. As breezes blow away the morning mist, you’ll discover dozens of fascinating tide pools with sea stars and urchins and other critters scurrying about in the tide pools.

Constantly shaped and re-shaped by the actions of sun, wind, water and rock, tide pools are distinctive and somewhat harsh habitat where the ocean water meets the land. Life is tough for plants and animals that live in tide pools. The sun bears down. Wind and water continually pound at the rocks. Nevertheless, the rugged Olympic Peninsula coastline teems with life! Sea stars, barnacles, urchins, anemones, tubeworms, piddock clams and sea snails thrive in these little pools – and one square foot may support thousands of these tenacious little sea creatures.

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